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[Help] Sleeper spawns


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Hey guys!


Just need some help clarify some stuff for sleeper spawns with the info you find in the xml files.


<property name="SleeperVolumeSize" value="15, 4, 20#15, 13, 20" /> <-- I get this

<property name="SleeperVolumeStart" value="0, 0, 2#0, 4, 2" /> <-- I need clarification for this

<property name="SleeperSpawns" value="(0, 6, 0, 21, 0, 0, 1)" /> <-- and this

<property name="SleeperVolumeGroup" value="S_Default_S,S_Default_S" /> <-- I get this

<property name="SleeperVolumeGameStageAdjust" value="," /> <-- I get this

<property name="SleeperIsLootVolume" value="False,False" /> <-- I get this


Reason why I ask is I am having issues with some prefabs I built using the tool stated below. The issue is no zombies are spawning. I check output log and I can see a message stating something in the lines of cannot spawn sleepers due to in sight, marking volume as cleared but this doesn't happen to all my prefabs. I am just wanting to make sure I understand and am doing things correctly.


Using the editor below I can get a sleeper volume in game and adjust it and press k to open up sleeper spawn menu. Inside I can see the sleeper volume size. The Position is also in there too, is that supposed to be used in the xml Sleeper Volume Start?


I use this editor

"Unlocking In-Game Prefab Editor (Terrain Tools) [.dll mod]"



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SleeperVolumeStart is the "area" in which sleepers can spawn as part of your prefab. So you can designate several volumes to have increasing difficulty of zombies if you so wish.


SleeperSpawns I'm 90% sure is the amount of actual sleeper entities that can spawn in a given volume.


If you use Pille's editor and load your prefab into that, you'll get more of a visual representation of how SleeperVolumes start and work. :)

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