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my house rules


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im gonna try to make this game fun again, here are the house rules im gonna try to follow, maybe you'll try them and enjoy it as well, let me know if someone can make a mod to enforce this, let me know if u have any suggestions


1) loot 25%, no respawn, no airdrops

2) no forges, no workbenches, no cement mixers, no chemistry stations

3) no farming

4) dead is dead


ill allow myself to use traders, but no crafting steel blocks for sale, just totally dependent upon scavenging to survive



how long will i last?

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I'd give the NoMad mod a try. It limits all crafting so you can only find stuff.


But if you want a Vanilla feel to that I would add some or all of these...

- No reading schematics - but they can be sold. This means you'll always need to loot to get guns when yours break, for example.

- No underground unless you find a cave, but you can only mine ores immediately accessible to you in said cave.

- No building unless it's to fortify an already existing POI.

- No ladder or bottom stair hacks to trick the AI. Doors at ground level must stay doors.

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