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Help with modding with some buffs

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Hello, i search in configs files and i don`t found those parametres. I need to change


1: Raise chance to get infection by zombies on 100% (we got too many antibiotics)

2: Raise dehydration little

3: Raise starvation on 50% (because got too many food)


I create mod wich raise difficulty survive, because when we play together we got too many resources (materials, drugs, food and water) and don`t know where we to use them just drop out it`s not interesting.

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Old, but I am taking a Python class in college and I am a noob so I am messing with the XMLs for practice; for hunger, I edited the Survivor perk to have a number above 1.0. I used rank five, editing it to '1.5' gives you an extra 50% hunger degeneration. For thirst, I'd use the Camel perk. Search for both under Progression. For infection... I think you'd have to edit the zombie entities and I am not sure on that -- have to do a little digging.

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