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Creating random gen with steeeep mountains


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Looking to have the random world gen to generate really steep hills. I've been fiddling around a lot with it but I just cant seem to get it right. I don't want an abundance of mountains, but those mountains that do spawn, I prefer if they are pretty damn steep.

A 80-90degree angle of the mountain side to build into, I'm currently poking around with:


			<module name="fastMountainsT" type="FastTurbulence">
			<property name="sourceModule" value="fastMountainsBase"/>
			<property name="power" value="10"/>
			<property name="frequency" value="0.1"/>
			<property name="roughness" value="8"/>


And I've also set

			<module name="landBase" type="ClampOutput">
			<property name="sourceModule" value="scaleLandBaseFilter"/>
			<property name="bounds" value="-20,190"/>


The main issue I'm currently having is to create mountains with density, they are either to small or just hilly, really long mountains which isn't even close to a 90 degree angle. Any tips?

Is a great example of what I'm trying to accomplish, but preferably a bit steep although not required at all. Sure, I could just use the default settings and spawn into every world and look around for such a mountain, but I hate pre-scouting maps and knowing where everything is, I also hate spawning into a seed which could most likely be without one of these mountains.
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You looks like saying about setting up the generator of vanilla, not from scratch, so I'll explain HOW-TO using vanilla as an example.


As you are trying, setting up FastTurbulence to be more strongly and frequently wavy can work. However this also result to make mountains small or short as a side effect. You can avoid side effect by tons trial and errors on parameters, but there is another way.


Replace code as following:


			<module name="fastMountainsBase" type="FastRidgedMultifractal">
			<property name="frequency" value="0.25"/>


			<module name="fastMountainsBase[color="#FFA0A0"][b]Base[/b][/color]" type="FastRidgedMultifractal">
			<property name="frequency" value="0.25"/>
		[color="#FFA0A0"][b]<module name="fastMountainsBase" type="ExponentialOutput">
			<property name="sourceModule" value="fastMountainsBaseBase"/>
			<property name="exponent" value="1.0"/>


Now, you've got steepness parameter, exponent. You can edit this as far as you want.

I'll give you an example of steepness effect.


Seed: forBlindguard Coordinate:400,1700 (Look for north)

[table=width: 500, class: grid, align: center]









[td]1.0 (vanilla)[/td]
















I won't explain what ExponentialOutput is here. In case you get curious about it, Read This.

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