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  1. Aye I managed to fix this! I booted up the 16k map and got in, my fiance is trying to join a co-op game but she is stuck on "receiving and loading configs", something that should be almost instantly I'd assume? This is co-op as said and not a dedicated server.
  2. So... It looks great and all, I mainly got this cause I got mad tired at the tiny worlds we get now in alpha 18. I created a 16k map, it completed in about an hour, and I moved the folder to Roaming/7DaysToDie/GeneratedWorlds/MyMapWentHere. I started up 7dtd, clicked on "New Game" and selected my generated map there, the game started loading but got stuck at initializing world and then crashed. What's going on? Im also using your generator to get rid of this... Like... pillars spawning all over the map which is new in A18 to me. Edit: Nvm! I should've closed the other Nitrogen generating a
  3. I've got a question though, how do you craft gun powder without chemistry table? Cause level 100 takes some time to get to, we got the pestle and mortar and all the ammo perks, can't click "craft" anywhere on the gun powder :/ tried workbench, campfire, metal workstation, lathe. Okay, never mind, apparently you deploy the mortar I would never have guessed for something that small haha.
  4. Well, when we played without mods we had the highest difficulty (5), had max zombies set to 80 and 16 zombies per player, we were 4 at the time so each 7th horde spawned around 60 zombies. It was too easy as we easily had guns on the 7th day, if not, the 14th we had at least AKs. We've been increasing difficulty constantly and at the moment it is pretty good, using this mod, tenfolded the zombie health (except spiders, dogs, crawlers and such), but tripled/quadrupled headshot damage. I've also buffed the melee weapons by 50% to bring them on par with the bow, cause you are so close and one
  5. Haha ye, noticed this after the 7th horde night as well, still using regular machete but we got close to 500 sulfur, the bottleneck is still the usual, brass.
  6. Aye, I've found them in the burnt forest ground as well, when farming fertilizer, it would be really nice if you could find them underground in your mines though.
  7. Ah good, ye, it's fine if the middle is chaotic, as long as it's not outside of the middle, cause that place is absolute cancer. Oh ye, we noticed that we had lag during the first horde night, day 7, we are using the default settings except that we changed horde zombies to 16 per player rather than the default 8 in serversettings, and max amount of zombies to 80, but would the default settings really make a difference? I mean, we both got pretty high end PCs, and the server is a dedicated one with 32GB ram and the new i7 coffeelake on it.
  8. Ah strange, we never had this issue during horde night : / we did however set max zombies to 16 instead of the default 8, we got pretty overrun.
  9. Hahaha, ye, I messed around tons as well, got a world which was really "flat" but it had spikes/stalagmites coming out of the ground every meter, they were scattered all over the world, saw Tins thread and saved it to bookmarks but haven't had time to read it yet. I've been trying to find the right RWG for our group myself, but when it seems I'm getting close, it's a U turn from there. Had worlds that looked almost perfect, except that the steep mountains were way too thin, like 10-15 blocks, so I increased the power and BAM! I had mountains everywhere, it's strange. I still really like your
  10. Alright, that sounds nice. I've been changing the roughness as well, thought that meant the frequency of extremes in the slopes. What's the different between Scaled, Base and fastMountains?
  11. Would you know how to edit the rwgmixer to generate more hills? Really looking forward to building straight into a mountain, last time we did that we had a really bad mountain. We're looking for something like however if it was even steeper we'd be really happy, think the canyon on navezgane
  12. Useless, trying to find a slanted area to build into a mountain, this still got fog of war in it.
  13. Alright cool, I put it to 16 this time, we'll see what happens on day 7 We just wiped, found a house but regarded it a bit as cheating, it had a vault door down in the basement with concrete and 2 forges, felt like jumping instantly to day 7 progress on the first day. We've been trying to find a seed with mountain walls, we'd love to build straight into one and have our base there, but we cant seem to find any nice mountains so far.
  14. Ah awesome, won't maxzombies 256 get a bit laggy tho? What happens if I increase horde night zombies in the default server config file to be 64 (max), and max amount of zombies to 80? Will it affect the zombies at all or not?
  15. Ye, kinda my own fault, I spawned it but couldn't find it, ran inside the house and.. there he was! Also I've done some changes to the settings, I increased the zombie block damage by tripling their damage (leaving behemoth alone!), tripling their health and tenfolding headshot damage, the hp and damage against zombies is fine. However their damage against the blocks were way to high, there is simply no way to survive day 7. So I'm thinking that maybe we shouldn't do anything to make the horde nights harder? What exactly have you done with the mod, to make the horde nights harder? Cause we
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