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Dev Plead: Please Prioritize Netcode > Adding Vehicles


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Out of curiosity - what sorts of things are we talking about, here?

I know melee reach is a lot dodgier in online servers compared to SP games, but am not aware of any other major complications.

Have only ever played on private servers with 1 or 2 other people, though, so it's possible I'm just not hitting the server hard enough to trigger them?

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The big things I've encountered, just for another perspective, with 2-4 people on a hosted MP game (not dedicated):

- that melee reach that was mentioned (zombies hitting you from either very far away, or off to the side by 90°)

- the inability to open containers at all, let alone quickly, especially during horde night (which is inconvenient, to say the least)

- player positions being very far off (several meters minimum) between one person's client and another

- zombies not registering hits from firearms, and sometimes not from melee, sometimes because they're already dead on the host's machine

- zombies running in place for 1-3 seconds, then teleporting to a new location and running in place there - this makes them much harder to hit with anything, and often fails to register the hit

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As much as i would love to have more options its a nightmare when trying to play online. For the love of all that is holy please contract out some people to work on a better netcode. I beg of thee


not being a fanboi here but the code is pretty good. the trouble is that people who rent the servers do so from big companites that probbly have 30+ instances of 7d2d runnign on their server. ( basically if your doing one of them 15 a month options your probbly effect by this) always use higher cup proioty if its an option from one of them sites or better yet play one someone with a dedicated server. the pimps "netcode" has no way to improve the hardware people choose to run it on. the only way to ensure that would be for them to own all server licence and run it though aws ( like pubg) but then the cost for them would eat any profits from games sales. look for reliable server preferably from peole who have been around here a while :)

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Latency on the internet is also a big cause. If you are connecting to a server with a ping greater than 75ms, there will be a very noticeable delay in round-trip data transfer.


Add to this possible limitations on the end user hardware, and there is no way for "better netcode" to fix anything. Simply because the netcode isn't the issue.


Also, just stating the obvious.....

We're still in Alpha development. Optimization comes later.

Many of you often seem to forget/ignore this fact.

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