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  1. Hi @madmole its been a while jsut wondering if Arlene is going to be publishing more books Shattered was great but it was supposed to be book1 in a series wondering if she is going to write more of them ?
  2. can I get a confirmation that alloc madmole, The Fun Pimp Prime Brains Lead Kinyajuu Gazz eac-knubbe.php Faatal Unholyjoe Malthis Roland SylenThunder OzHawkeye Clare are the staff members to follow. as im going to be changing it may as well get the right people followed if anythign has changed
  3. Hi guys just found out about the new forums eww not like it much but i will update the dev tracker ( ANd keep old background) this weekend ill update here when ready
  4. Now while this is not fact from our observations each swing of the steel pick axe is causing a roughly 80% chance to spawn a screamer. this is ridiculous for anyone who likes to build/ mine or tunnel in the game. Does anyone know where this setting is in the xml can i cange this or is it hard coded having it like this it almost feels like the pimps are trying to change the nature of the game from a "The survival Horde Crafting game" to a "just another loot and shoot game" in A17 the screamer spawn change was around 0.02% not it seams to be 80% maybe they missed a .0 and were tying to increase it to 0.08 which would seam alot better
  5. Xml defaults updated to the lastest A18 stable build
  6. I have been away since early A17. really didn't enjoy it thought the game was dead to me. however i was convinced to give it another try and I've fallen back in love. what a turn around. keep up the good work guys. and whoever is working on the poi's needs a raise
  7. Xml defaults updated to the lastest A17E build
  8. but is the world ready for that?
  9. hey guyes been away for a while just wondering if theres any staff changes either new staff members added or old ones gone away. new comunity mods ect that need to be added or removed from the tracker?
  10. I came here to ask if people still using the tracker as the domain is up for renewal, and seeing this poist answered the question added the 2 people you reqested and they are added under other trackers
  11. ok well im not doing anythign with the page its all for you guys and to help the comunity i dont have the time or the inclination to prove it, so ill jsut remove the twitch streamer support from the home page for the 7 days to die streamers that were gettign boosts from being featured , im sorry its come to an end, but the users of the site have voiced their concern. there removed
  12. sorry i forgot to remove the link , i removed the page but not the link ill fix it, the recipe maker was fro the old grid system when it was really complicated to make recipies now its so easy i cant think of a whay to make a recipie maker tool that makes the actual thing easier if you have ideas let me know, but if you loook at any recipie in the xml youll see its super easy now - - - Updated - - - I think you have maleware, there is 1 add on each page thats it., the trackers are because of the amazon/twitch feeds on the home page, but there isnt 37 of them. i have them to highligh some of the best 7d2d twitch streamers
  13. yep not much of 7daystodie anymore. i love the game but feeling a little burnt out on it. occassionally ill boot it up but i mainly stream Diablo3 and starcraft2
  14. just been really busy wheni get notice its not working i fix it but soemtimes take a few hours.. i work 10 hours and then stream 6 hours. doesnt leave much time but try to keep it going .. ill add in the current xmls i think im a patch behinde
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