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  1. Magoli - any chance you ahve been given heads up on changes for A15 - jsut thinking cause you have over 400 excellent prefabs and some may need reworking, and i cant imagin doign a random gen world without your pack keep up the good work
  2. yes nice workaround but dont want to adjust the si thoughout the game for 1 prefab
  3. Hi Magoil just an fyi the radio tower/air traffic controll tower ( one with orange roof) looks liek this on map has some SI issues thin the upper part of tower needs some support, a player made a base out of it and part of the outer shell collapsed Thanks , im trying to go thought the screenshots to idetify it better for you
  4. also of the prefabs included have spawnpoints and set zombies they chould have been added in a way that is a little more intense than your used to
  5. Deccypher

    A16 Valmod Pack

    i pulled it off the campfire ill check it out i added it mine, ill make one and check ahh it works on the ovens not he light barrel, ( still nice to have it on them as it was missing)
  6. Deccypher

    A16 Valmod Pack

    Hi val, i know your not activl updateing the mod till A14, just thought id drop a line in to let you know adding a heat source to your lkight barrel and ovens is now possiable ( only just recently realised they didnmt have one) where 3 is the radius of effect i lengthened it to 5 on the barrel light then left the 2 ovens as 3 ( same as campfire)
  7. Deccypher

    A16 Valmod Pack

    the trouble is the game doesnt know what will happen untill it is encountered, the seed controls some aspecs the biome types the city placemtns, but what structures are within the sity, what poi is at the end of that gravel road, is anyone guess untill the map actually renders for the first time. it would be possiable on the nav map and player maps to be shared would be possiable. like i blueprint my map and then you read it and it reveals on yours, but having the system reveal a chunk of map for you would be difficult, unless the pimps set it up so we spend a good few hours setting up the
  8. Deccypher

    A16 Valmod Pack

    thansk for this, i haddent noticed myself, ive been adding in titles and descriptions on all my book i handent personaly noticed them missing on reading them and noone complained, but your right the description is black, i gues i just read a book too quickly when i find it to have been effected, silly of them to take this flawless system away from us
  9. Deccypher

    A16 Valmod Pack

    Death2gnomes - you can go indepth as you want with them you can add this to any schematic/recipie book also 1 scrap iron is equivalent to 5 unit_iron not sure if im missing what your saying on that one.
  10. Deccypher

    A16 Valmod Pack

    I agree, im feeling the daunting task of block id changes and reorganization for A14, it would be nice if they release a preview of the xmls a week before to help moders catch up yea i use any good mod, yours, Gazz, magoli, i dont always use the complete bod, but if im lookign to do somethign and somethign close is already done ill definatly use it , in fact over at bartertowne, we have alot of your stuff in it this build, working lights, snares, workbench's, expanded ammo types. were also useing gazz's security glass and most of magolis combopack.
  11. Deccypher

    A16 Valmod Pack

    Hi Val, just an update again your stuff workds great with no change on MP but i was able to work around the null ref in sp, but not get rid of it. symptom when placing you get a null ref the first time, solution make a custom table and have it upgrade to the work bench, can place the table down with no null ref and then upgrade it to the workbench with no null ref. dont knwo why sp has a problem placing but thsi was a way to get around it.
  12. Deccypher

    A16 Valmod Pack

    if you put in more fule than is needed it will stop it because the calculation time is based on the craft/melt que not the fule que make 1 extra block mushroom compost. make it upgradable to mushrooms. make mushroom downgradeable on destry to mushroom compost. change it from being picked to harvested then make the plant as normal and call it mushrrom spores people grow the spores then take them into the cave upgrade the compost to mushrooms harvest them with a hoe one destroy it reverts back to compost. this is how i soved the underground faming, as mushromes only naturally sp
  13. Deccypher

    A16 Valmod Pack

    easy to reproduce, and its not your mod. its the new time offset calculation for work stations. in previous build the workstation would only work if there was an active player with the chunk loaded, this caused much frustration as if you left your bases fule would be burnt up and nothign would have been melted down or produced. - many bug reports in this. now it used something similiar to the plants growing, as soon as you close the workstation the start time is recorded. next time you open the workstation the system calculates how much fule/how many resources would have been produced i
  14. ever though about gating a recipe book on recipes. the idea at level 60 you can find a crude recipe kit - which teaches you all the recipes ( you currently know) now with paper cement dust or gun powder or some other kind of dust water and an example of the item it makes ( iron helm ect) you can make the recipe/schematic. think these would be highly traded commodities especially for old timers to help/introduce new players to the server. just a wnadering thought
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