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New Mod in the Making..

Bearded Dragon

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Hi Everyone

Just thought we would post a few photos here of a new mod we are working on. All new map, buildings, city and a totally new style where everything is different (can’t give away too much).

Building isn’t finished yet. Lots of new assets were created by myself and my wife Tormented Emu with more to come.


These are just a few snaps from around the Water Plant. Quests will be available here.

Hope you like them…











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Took a little time off to work on a village for Guppy's Medieval Mod.

Its done now and we are back at work on our mod. Working on getting cars and trucks driveable, and lots more buildings.

The photos of the water plant are as accurate as I can make them. I'm a waterplant operator for our city council irl so its not too hard to build what you know...

oh and there will be quite a few quests starting from here..

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