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How can I make this simple mod?


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I want to mod the game so it is more enjoyable, how can I do the following:


1) Remove all 'special' zombies, so it is a zombie game (not DOOM)

2) Remove all traders

3) Remove all ore drops from stone

4) Remove all skill points from levelling

5) Remove all miner helmets

6) Raise bedrock to prevent burrowing


I want a zombie survival game and I think these changes will really help.

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Hey Vomkat :)


Its not too difficult to get the results you want. I'm working on a project that intends to meet some of the things you've listed here, namely the prevention of burrowing and the removal of special zombies.


The new project is not gonna be ready for a while, ..but you might like to try my recently released mod https://7daystodie.com/forums/showthread.php?60064-The-WALKER-BAIT-Mod it turns the Spider zombie into a normal walker, there are cops (mid-to-late game) & wights (these are the only ladder/wall climbers, and they are not too common either) the only radiated zombie is the CopFeral. The reason I suggest it mate is the zombies are literally everywhere you turn, there are loads of em, you'll be fighting em off left right and center =) most classes start with ranged weapons all start with melee, check it out m8 you might like it.. Ferals spawn inside POI's so careful looting, they are extra hungry having been locked indoors for extended time periods.. not like the greedy walkers out in the open who feast on noobs and animals, oh and animals only venture out at night so keep an ear out for them ;)

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I don't want to see any more cops, zombies should not be spitting acid, and they certainly shouldn't be glowing bright green. All I want is a zombie survival game, and I don't understand why the developers have strayed from that. It also shouldn't be possible to build a steel mill under a farm field. I want a game where you have to scavenge and you are fighting zombies (not space aliens).


I want a game where its actually a challenge, not something that I have to challenge myself to make it a challenge, the game is too damn easy and the developers need to add a difficulty option that takes out all the nonsense.

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Special zombies are in entitygroups and entityclasses. Look at entityclasses to find out the names of them, then comment them out using <!-- and --> in entitygroups. That will stop them spawning.


You MIGHT not be able to remove the zombieScout group with the screamer in it though, since I think the game may throw a fit with no screamer. You can just put a normal zombie in that group and it should work, however.


Ore drops from stone are in blocks.xml, which is going to be a lot of work, but can be done.


Mining helmets - look up the mining helmet in items.xml, then edit it out in loot.xml to stop it dropping.


Skill points are in progression.xml.


Edit rwgmixer to edit out the trader spawns, and remember you need to edit quests.xml to stop the game "sending" you to a trader when you have finished basic survival.


Raising bedrock? That one I'm not sure on. I know it's in the biomes.xml file, but I have no experience with that.

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Raising bedrock is not to hard, but KhaineGB is correct that you need to edit Biomes.xml for that, you will have to change every biome and sub-biome. You will need to make the bedrock layer at least 21 deep (so Red Mesa will not pierce it).

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