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Console Panel explained


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Just curious if anyone can translate the console panel. I enjoy having it up on a tablet as I play but haven't figured out what all it means. I play on a dedicated server in my house. Most curious is the FPS entry, what is that reporting? I'm pulling an easy 60 FPS on my computer when I play, but the server is always showing 20-25 FPS on the console. Also just curious what all the other abbreviations mean.



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Hello Spiked-Coffee!


Well, if you look over the 'reports' it gives... Its giving a status of whats going on in the game.

IE: "2018-03-21T09:07:09 138.392 INF Spawning screamer horde zombie from scoutHordeStageGS11"

Is what it says to a large degree.

The first block of numbers (2018-03-21T09:07:09 138.392) is the date/time stamp with possibly some other info at the end.

Then the next text is what it encountered, what the system is doing and so forth and in this case:

"INF" is possibly Information... Then the next is 'the information' and in this case:

"Spawning screamer horde zombie from scoutHordeStageGS11" Here its saying that the screamer 'screamed' and therefore the system is spawning a Screamer Horde from "scoutHordeStageGS11" <- that part in quotes is the designation of the screamer in question.


"GamePref.xxx" and "GameStat.xxx" are game preferences/settings for 7D2D.


Other lines like:

"2018-03-21T09:06:28 97.528 ERR ERROR: Vertices.Count (64962) != tangents.Count (0), MeshIdx=0 TriIdx=66086

NullReferenceException: Object reference not set to an instance of an object"

So you got the 'date/time stamp' and then the info: "ERR ERROR" is an error and "Vertices.Count (649262)" is the error it encountered with other data following. So some of it is self explanatory and some isn't.


As for the server reporting the FPS - I have it in my head that it should be low since it doesn't have to display anything.

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