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Bike id


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Hello all,


It seems to me a lot of players are having trouble with minibikes getting stuck here and there. I was wondering if there is a way to add a mod so that they could find out the id of their minibike. I know as admin I can find it out but I have to get them to stop what they are doing and make sure they are standing by or sitting on their bike and I have to do the command to load the minibike ids and pick which one is at their position. I was thinking if they could do it themselves then they could just give me the info as soon as they could. Would make it so much easier when they have trouble and need an admin to check if their bike is around and warp it to them if possible.


I know about the /bike command but sometimes people forget to run that one also... :)


I also asked Alloc if there was a way he could add minibike icons to the online map...haven't heard anything yet.

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That admin cmd you spoke of... Lower its permissions so players can use it? Bcm has some sort of finder, which means rat does too.


So commands can have individual permissions? Did not know that. Will look into it. Thanks Gup.

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