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Trader Help ?


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Ive made a small prefab Placing 3 Traders into the building, On saving & exporting & then loading into the Zombie editor theres NO traders, If I load it up they disappear, Ive used the static spawner so they stay if I load my game save back up but when exporting it in order to edit all the crap out & make a .Mesh file they dont stay.... Does anyone know what im doing wrong...


Also I made a new map after adding my trader & found one, Walked upto it at 7am & it bounced me away like it was closed.... thats problem 2 lol



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Thanks Pile :) Ill check it out.. I fancied having my own trader in game but with multiple ones, Seen someone elses Trader idea on here which was old & full of errors due to the game evolving I assume... ID's all wrong.. Anyway Thanks again will check it out...

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Ummm I replace the Air block with Meta1 Then goto change the other position with a new trader with Meta 2 but all i seem to be doing is setting all blocks as the same meta value, for some reason if i select 1 for the first & then 2 for the next it sets them both as 2 ? How do I set indevidual numbers so I can have 3 different traders... Thanks


Figured it out, Only issue im having now is with Rotation, It goes from 0 to 31 which makes NO sense to me as id understand 0 45 90 180 270 360 but not 1 to 31 lol... ?

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0 -> 0°

1 -> 90°

2 -> 180°

3 -> 270°


4 -> 0°

5 -> 90°

6 -> 180°

7 -> 270°


8 -> 0°

9 -> 90°

10 -> 180°

11 -> 270°


and so on.



So 45° rotations aren't available. Unfortunately, TFP deactivated the static entity spawn for RWG maps. That's why we have to use the spawnTrader blocks which are very 'limited'.

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