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Underground Update


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hello fellas! nice to meet you all. i started this post cause i want to suggest something that would be interesting for the game:


my idea is:


Underground update


what does it mean with this?


First of all, i want to talk about some parts of the game with huge potential for this.


caves and cities:


its pretty "unusual" to find caves ingame, but when we find them we only encounter stalactites and some mushrooms, and ocassionally an ammmunition box, but it doesnt attract us too much as that. however this idea would add a lot of content and would give a lot more sense of exploration and risk=reward.


a lot of you guys probably have played Metro 2033, including myself. was something pretty cool and unexpecting, with a lot of exploration into their lore, despite its linearity. you cant forget about the spooky places in underground, not only dark rooms or huge abandoned subways, also horrible mutated creatures and anomalies.


another game that make good use of caves is minecraft (maybe not the best example but you will understand) which make us scared but curious for finding treasures, dangerous places and abandoned mines, or also some scary mobs.


so why not develop more the underground of 7DTD?


imagine entering in a cave, some abandoned mine, which can also be connected to a metro or abandoned subways. we start to dig in, when suddenly a horde of mutated rats and zombies appear, and some walls start to tremble cause of the sound. we try to escape, and find some explosives. a dynamite explodes and everything start to fall down. we managed to escape the horde, but we are trapped in a dark and huge mine. maybe there's another exit, but for that we must make our way through the underworld, with dangers and creatures of all types lurking in the darkness...


now lets change places: we are in the city at night. some zombies have detected us. the chase begins, we try to find a safe place but the horde comes from every corner. suddenly, we find a subway or also a metro entrance. without much options we run into there, hoping to find a safe place into a train or in a ticket seller. we escaped, but all is silence, and some growls and other noises can be heared into. now that we cant go back, our only choice is enter into the darkness to find a way out... or perish trying.


also, a lot of stealth options can be made on this update:


-for those guys who like to explore a lot, stealth is a really valuable tool for survival. a new skill can be added (for a new branch of skills of course) that make us kill silently zombies from behind without need of silencers for guns or even bows or crossbows. the only way to activate this skill is using melee weapons, but of course, this is a huge risk, cause if we are detected, being so close to the target, we will be screwed. so it would be some balance between risk and reward as i mentioned before.


- some new traps: we know that after destroying glass, we only get some broken shards, which only give us the option to kill the player ingame. so, why dont using those shards for some new traps? per example, throwing them for slowing enemies, making some bleeding damage, (not too much) but necessary to escape safely or make some distance. another option is a glass grenade, not too strong for killing, but to slow and make damage slowly. of course, that includes a lot of more types of traps using fire or gas per example.



i wait for your answers, i hope you like this! :smile-new:

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