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  1. what about doing an airport as a huge POI? that would be awesome. also much bigger cities? even radiated animals or even insects.
  2. i dont know if someone proposed this before, but what about a button to unload all our inventory into a box, in a similar way we do it when we take all the stuff of boxes or furniture? so we dont need to keep a lot of time searching for the same item into our chest, per example, and stocking it.
  3. First of all:- NVG always were like that. -not all the houses have basements. -you can get out of water in basements just by pressing space repeatedly, making short jumps to get out. -you can improve the amount of things you carry without being encumbered, purchasing the correct perk.
  4. Faatal, the connection issue is hard to fix? I cant play online
  5. I must admit that im quite impressed with all the changes to looting places. Now you must be at least the double of cautious if you dont want to be screwed. i love the new quest system, is much better than the previous one. Buildings and terrain suffered a lot of changes and improvements, being more damaged and dangerous than ever. The motel is a really scary place to enter, the undergrounds are seriously cool and hard to get through. The only problem is that i cant play online yet!!
  6. I love a lot of features recently introduced to the game, like recycling arrows, using stones for distraction (finally) and a lot of new things. However i still cant play online, also the melee system needs some refining, like weapons being capable of hitting multiple enemies at once, even with the light attack.
  7. That could be. Maybe the new eac version is bugged? I tried playing A16.4 a few days ago with the seemingly previous EAC and didnt have connection issues. Maybe thats why.
  8. Oh ok. The strangest thing is that im being shown as connected in the sv but it never starts. It gets frozen at the "connecting to..." message and never changes. Also it says something nbs writer-1 or kinda...
  9. Anyone know how to solve the multiplayer connection bug? I cant connect to any server in this patch, in previous one i could without problems.
  10. I love a lot of new things in the game, like the iron spikes, the new heavy attack, recycling arrows (finally!), and more! However right now the only thing i dont like is a connection bug on multiplayer which doesnt allow me to play online
  11. is anyone having issues with multiplayer? for strange reasons i try to join and despite saying that im connected to the server, the game never loads, keeps on the message of "connecting to..." when i want to join dedicated server. and in peer to peer, the game loads the data but the map never starts...also i see some servers with a ping of -1 i need help please!
  12. Madmole, for some reason i cant play online on a17, yesterday i went back to a16 to try if it was me but the online on previous version was functional. On a17 im shown as "connected" somehow in server but it never loads the map (in dedicated server). And when i try to connect to peer to peer servers, the map loads but never starts the game. Did you have some issues like this with other players?
  13. The connection needs some fixes, i cannot access to any multiplayer server. I tried on A16.4 today and i could connect, but on A17 i cant.
  14. In any type of map. When i want to join a game in multiplayer, the screen just keep loading, like it doesnt recognize it. Or maybe the game loads after a lot of time.
  15. Madmole i have connection issues, multiplayer games take too long to connect. How i fix this? - - - Updated - - - Faatal i have some connection issues or kinda, multiplayer games keep on connecting but dont load. Any known problem like this? maybe you know about it.
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