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Ranking the Mods


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Something I've been interested in but haven't been able to find is a summary classification for all the excellent mods out there. Classifications for difficulty is my primary concern. Difficulty in terms of advancement, zed fighting, resource availability.


Be interested in hearing about mods I haven't tried compared to the ones I have.


I'll get the ball rolling for anyone interested in participating:


Less difficult, advancement straight forward:

Valmod and War of the walkers


More difficult, slower advancement, bit more night danger



Pretty difficult, tough Zed's from the start, crazy hordes

CB mod


Fun and fast paced but crazy impossible from around night 6 when the game launches endless glow stick waves

GNA mod - horde mode


I'm currently doing undead legacy. Jury still out but maybe between war of the walkers and Ravenhearst... Advancement a bit slower, lots of cool guns, but holy hell... The mod does make you sift through tons of junk... So many items!


Interested to hear other people's thoughts and rankings... This is not about better or worse. It's more about advancement difficulty

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