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4 Seasons 4 7 days 2 Die


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Instead of unrealistic and random biomes, why not select a type of terrain upon seed generation and add a cycle of 4 seasons ? Of course a Desert terrain the 4 "seasons" will just change temperature a bit and wind/sand storms, and more temperate terrain will have all 4 respectively. I understand the ore placement will have be standardised. And you can then scatter some wasteland and burnt biomes in that seed with it ?


This can make for interesting challenges like a full winter terrain map where players really have to race to keep warm, worry about winter zombies and wolves and dire wolves as well as cold temperatures and blizzards - ala The Long Dark run. In the spring and summer you'll get cool weather and more wild life to hunt in the winter biome. :)


This be sort of like how rimworld does it, you pick an region and the 4 seasons affect the temperature, weather and wildlife - and of course zombies.


What do you think ?

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