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Parachute may be replaced in the 7 Days To Die.


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Joel, Roland, Gazz, Prime or Unholyjoe


The game already has a parachute. It belongs to the airdrop.

The game will appear gyrocopter and the player will often fall from a great height, I think so.


I propose to give the player the opportunity to create and use a parachute, which can be activated in a free fall.


For example, when a character falls out of a gyrocopter or jumps from the top floor of a skyscraper.


The parachute could be uncontrollable and descend simply down. But the parachute could be manageable, like sports parachutes and such an option could replace Ziplines, the work on which you postponed.


Thank you.



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Definitely needed with the gyrocopters addition to the game.

Maybe it could be that you only can buy it from a trader`s secret stash. Or it could also be included into loot table so there would be two ways to get it.


It also should be one time use if you ask me. or a book/perk could give you the ability to repackage it. Maybe only acquirable through a quest.

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