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Bug or Bunk? - Zombies and bears can kill/glitch traders if doors left open?


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a lot of servers claim that if you leave the doors open on traders it will:


1. cause the trader to glitch and he might not open (no female traders?)

2. Zombies or bears will get to them and kill them or cause them to glitch or go under the floor



I have been on servers where a trader's head is all you can see or you run in and he kicks you even though he should be open. sometimes a few game days or server restart fixes these. or re-loading a region file.


although reloading a region for a trade can cause players to loose a base.

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1.) Unsure if leaving them open causes that. On our dedi I ask all our players to close the doors cause it isn't good to walk into a traitors HQ with Zeds/Bears or Wolves inside... But its also good practice to ensure that 'you don't' leave some critical door open at your base during horde nights, giving the zeds access into your base! It happened once (leaving a door open in our base) and a couple of us died because of it but hopefully never again. :)

2.) Never experienced that.


Modded (Valmod):

1.) We've seen many times where a traitor will be closed... I'm pretty sure its still a known issue, albeit it could be because of the mod... This happened once in Alpha 16, but hasn't happened recently.

2.) Only once in 15.2 when we first started we did find that one traitor went MIA... But it hasn't happened since I wiped that 'instance' and reinstalled.

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I don't think it's zombies eating the trader that causes it :p Often it's at traders which have few sporadic visitors, so the chunk would be unloaded most of the time, and definitely not enough for a random zombie to make its way in to kill an invulnerable trader behind a counter.


Most likely he just fails to load somehow.


In all the cases, replacing the trader seems to fix it, at least that I've run across. Some urges the use of traderarea command, though I've never had that one fix a broken trading outpost myself.


/V - Quick Tips N Tricks - FIX the Closed Trader Bug!

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