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JaxTeller718's Vanilla Mod Tweaks


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Im going to be posting my little tweaks in here for you guys who like Vanilla but want some additional tweaks and mods in there. All of these are 16.4 compatible. Just download direct and unzip these into your 7 Days to Die Folder.


If there is anything you guys would like to see you can request below and I will do my best to add them in.



Removed Nudity and Removed Profanity


This file will remove strippers completely from the game including the spawn menu. It also replaces and removes ANY trader profanity and bandit profanity from the games files.





Disabled Weather Temperatures


This file will disable the fluctuating temperatures on your character. You will always remain a steady 70 degrees F unless you go into Admin mode. For some reason going into admin will enable temperatures. This file does NOT stop rain or snow. It merely disables heat and cold.





Portable Workbench


This creates a portable workbench that you can pick up and carry with you. It features a combine system so you can combine on the fly. It includes a recipe.





Always make sure to back up your files of course.

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