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Official Forum Rules and Guidelines

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*Updated June 12th, 2020*


Welcome to the official forum for 7 Days to Die. This is a place to discuss the game, as well as offer feedback, trade advice, and share, meet, collaborate, and otherwise interact with others in the 7 Days to Die community.


The Fun Pimps want you to feel free to express your opinions regarding the game and other matters discussed on this forum. To be clear, both positive and negative feedback is welcome. We also want all visitors to enjoy and benefit from this forum, and to make that possible we need all users to participate in a civil, constructive, and respectful manner.


To that end, all users have a responsibility to be familiar with, and comply with, the features, guidelines, and rules described on this page. Users that fail to comply are subject to moderator action (see below).

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Explanation of Features & Guidelines


1.    User Accounts
You must create an account and be logged in to post or perform other actions. We manually approve your first few posts to fight spam, which means they may not appear immediately. Only one account per person is allowed; duplicate accounts will be deleted.


2.    Safety & Security
Although we’re not responsible for any user’s negligence where it comes to safety & security, we do recommend that users:

  • Use a strong password, and don't share it.
  • Do not share personal contact details, like real name, phone number, or address.
  • Do not arrange to meet anyone from these forums in real life. Minors in particular should always consult their parents or guardian first.


3.    Categories & Sections

The forum has PC and Console categories. These categories have sections with identical names, so please take care to post new threads in the correct section. Threads posted in the wrong section can result in moderator action.


4.    Blocking/Ignoring Users

If you and another user aren’t getting along, you can block specific users so that you don’t see their posts. Understand that by blocking users, you may miss out on important parts of a discussion.


On the official forum, add or remove users from your ignore list by clicking on your user name at the top of the page and selecting Ignored Users.

On Steam, go to a user’s Profile -> More -> Block All Communication.


5.    Getting Help and Reporting Problems

We appreciate your bug reports. The Fun Pimps maintain a list of Known Issues, which you should check before reporting a bug. If your issue isn't listed, we encourage you to report it in the forum's Bug Database. If you need support for an issue not tied to a game bug, please make a thread in the General Support section. Please read all pinned threads and announcements for further instructions and best practices.


If you need support with an issue outside of the game itself, such as with your key or with forum registration, please use the Support Page.


6.    Private Messaging

Private messages are subject to the rules below regarding Misbehavior, Piracy, Spam, Meta-Forum Commentary, and Release Date Harassment. In addition, private messages are meant to be seen only by the intended recipient, unless the sender and receiver agree otherwise. However, moderators can review all private messages that are reported.


7.    Moderators

All content on this forum is moderated. The moderators are here to help keep things organized, placid, and free of trouble. Contact them via private message if you're unsure if something is allowed, or if you need an administrative change like a new user name or deletion of your forum account. Moderators may specify in a thread what is suitably on or off topic, or otherwise clarify the rules, and users must heed these guidelines.


8.    Reporting Posts

Please report any post you think needs moderator attention using the "..." button at the top right corner of that post. Don’t reply to such posts (including spam), as this ultimately creates more content to clean up. Note that only moderators see these reports. Although moderation takes time, we review all reported posts and take moderator actions as we judge appropriate. Reports that are false, uncivil, or fail to cite an actual rule violation are considered abusive and themselves subject to moderator action.


9.    Moderator Actions

Use of this forum is a privilege, not a right. If the moderators determine a post contains prohibited content, as described below, then they may take the following actions.

  • Edit out the unacceptable part of the post.
  • Move the post to a more appropriate section or thread.
  • Delete the post entirely.
  • Edit, move, or delete subsequent posts that quote or refer to earlier prohibited content.
  • Lock or delete the thread.
  • Issue the user a warning, with a message describing the rule violation. While under a warning, the user’s posts may require manual approval, or they may be restricted from posting at all.
  • Delete the account without warning, if it primarily spreads spam.
  • Send the user's IP address etc. to higher authorities, if it looks like they've done something illegal.
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Prohibited Content


The following types of content are prohibited across the forums. This includes posts, images, user names, avatars, profile information, and edit comments. Using external links to circumvent these restrictions is also prohibited.


Prohibited content is subject to moderator action (see above).


If you see a rule violation in another user’s post, please report it (see above).


A) Misbehavior


1.    Flaming
Insults, personal attacks, name calling, accusations, abuse, or retaliation.
Derogatory slurs against a person's race, religion, sex, age, nationality, etc.
If you are flamed, don't respond. Report it!


2.    Filth
Unreasonably profane, obscene, vulgar, pornographic, or adult themed content.
These forums are meant to be 'safe for work,' even if the game itself is not. Some ‘filthy’ words are automatically filtered out and replaced with symbols. Bypassing this filter through creative spelling is prohibited.


3.    Gatekeeping
Trying to bully, harass, or intimidate other user(s) into limiting their participation on the forum.
We want users to feel welcome to express their (sometimes unpopular) opinions. You can voice your disagreement with someone, but telling them to shut up or go away is antithetical to the purpose of having a forum for discussion


4.    Trolling

Intentionally posting to disrupt, evoke negative reactions, or spread misinformation. Provoking others into arguments for the sake of starting a flame war (including as a response to someone else breaking the rules).


5.    Impersonating

Acting as a developer, moderator, administrator, or other user.


6.    Begging

Asking for the game, game merchandise, participation by other users on or off the forum, or anything else.


B) Off Limit Topics


1.    Piracy
Discussion of software piracy, including links to illegal downloads of games and methods to circumvent copy protection.


2.    Bypassing
Using other threads or alternate accounts to circumvent a closed thread, banned account, or other moderator action.


3.    Goodbye Posts
Announcing that you are leaving a discussion, the community, or the game out of dissatisfaction.
People come and go on the forums and start and stop playing the game for a variety of reasons. Users can determine your presence or absence simply based on your activity.


4.    Cheats & Exploits
Discussing the details of cheats or exploits, or third party tools or sites that facilitate cheating or exploits, in public posts.
Due to the negative impact cheats and exploits have on the game and community when widely disseminated, any cheats, exploits, or things you’re not sure about should be reported to a moderator via private message.


5.    Politics & Religion

These topics are off limits in all contexts.


C) Bad Netiquette


1.    Duplicate Threads
Making a new thread about a topic when there’s already an active thread on that topic to use instead.


2.    Bumping
Short posts made so that a thread appears more active, without adding anything of substance.


3.    Necroposting
Replying to old threads with outdated information.
As a rule of thumb, any thread started during a previous Alpha is too old. Start a new thread instead (this won’t count as bypassing).


4.    Annoying Text

Posting in textspeak, all caps, invisible fonts, or other hard-to-read writing styles.


5.    Flooding
Essentially redundant content posted more than once.
Intentionally off-topic or nonsense content.
Multiple short posts in a row.
If you think of something more to add, edit your existing post.


6.    Spam
You may only advertise (e.g. post external links) if the content directly addresses another user’s request or issue. Exceptions are made for:

  • Servers & Community, where you may post links to 7 Days to Die servers and server providers.
  • Channels, where you may post links to video channels that focus on the game (recorded and live-streaming).
  • Images and Videos, where you may post links to one-off videos and screenshots of the game.
  • Game Modification, where you may post links to your mods and other content related to modding 7 Days to Die.

Anything else is considered spam.


7.    Off Topic/Derailment
Digressing from a thread or forum section’s established topic, such as by questioning a user’s choices or views outside the game.

Discussion in another user’s thread about the media itself (for instance, asking people to ‘like’ a video).

New accounts, especially, may be promptly banned as spammers if they start with content unrelated to 7 Days to Die.


D) We Don't Want to Hear It


1.    Discussion of Moderation Actions
Publicly visible responses to or discussion of forum moderation.
Instead, send a private message directly to the moderator(s). On Steam, you may use the comment section that’s provided with every warning and ban.


2.    Release Date Harassment
Repeated requests for information on the timing or content of future changes to the game (including via private messages).
The Fun Pimps want the community to be excited for future updates, but they also want discussion regarding updates to be civil and respectful. The team makes their best effort to document the latest revealed information in the developer thread for the next coming update, in the News & Announcements section.


3.    Doom & Gloom
Predictions of failure regarding the future status of The Fun Pimps and their games.
Accusations of any developer lying to the community or planning to abandon the game.
Such commentary is unwelcome. It is demoralizing to the community, potentially libelous, and not a constructive form of feedback.


4.    Meta-Forum Commentary
Bringing up that you are blocking a particular user, reporting a post, unsubscribing from a particular thread, or posting in general about your (or any user’s) specific past, present, or future use of the forum software.
Using the forum features as provocation, leverage, or talking points.
It's not relevant in a discussion, and it's not the concern of other users.


5.    Naming & Shaming

Content that advances damage to a person or server’s reputation in the community, for instance by alleging griefing, cheating, admin abuse, server bans, or other offenses.

Allegations like these aren’t fair unless proven true, but the staff are unable to investigate what did or didn’t happen outside the forum.


6.    Backseat Copyediting

Unsolicited objections or corrections to a user’s writing (language, spelling, grammar, punctuation, paragraphs, etc.).

Players of all languages and backgrounds can use the forum. If you can’t understand a non-English post, you may use translation software. Users posting in poor English or non-English may be ignored, but not harangued.

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