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Hi Firestome240,


The wiki and other sites often are geared towards the PC version as I think the people who maintain them are PC players. Console is a little behind PC when it comes to how items are crafted and as Ignoringmywife mentioned above we still use calipers on console.


Calipers are one of the rarest items in the game, they can be found anywhere, but players often find them on Lumberjacks or in Working Stiffs crates. (For the crates I would recommend not breaking them down fully and letting them respawn so you have a greater looting chance of finding them if you return to a WS store later on)


Moving to General Support as this is more of a reg question than a bug report.


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Well no, calipers can't be found anywhere. I just checked the loot tables on Alpha 15 PC, and it's only possible for them to appear in these places.


  • Cars
  • Working Stiffs crates
  • Biker zombies
  • Farmer zombies
  • Utility worker zombies
  • Lumberjack zombies



I don't think Iron Galaxy messed with the loot tables for the console version, so I would think this is currently the case on console.

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We don't have the biker, farmer or utility worker zombies on console and getting them in cars is not usually a thing on console either. It tends to be working stiff crates, lumberjacks and loot from treasure chests - it was a rare item. Of course, now that we only need them for rocket launchers/ammo, they aren't essential and so of course turn up easily.


Mind you, when they were so rare, it was cause for celebration when you found them. Now, its like - meh.

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