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  1. Find the caves on the Navesgane map; the various caves have a treasure chest and you can get an axe from one of these (also lots of other great loot).
  2. Clear your cache - the weather is supposed to change regularly but if it's getting stuck on one type of weather (which tends to happen when playing for several hours at a time), shut down completely and leave your console with the power turned off for at least 5 minutes to clear the cache. When you load in, it should be sunny again.
  3. This is wrong - the only thing level 3 steel gives is the ability to make mechanical parts, which you need for the drawbridge. You can get the parts from various locations though (air-conditioning units, shopping carts, office chairs (the ones on castors), working stiff crates and the trader. You should be able to find the reinforced drawbridge in the workbench menu.
  4. Are you entering the seed name exactly, each time? I mean as in no additional spaces or switching uppercase/lower case letters? Just one difference can change a world by a considerable amount. Players are definitely not lying when they say a seed generates the same world; that is how the game is supposed to work. If you are definitely entering the seed exactly the same but getting different results each time, I would suggest submitting a bug report as something is not working right for you.
  5. Thanks for the info - I never realised this was possible.
  6. There is a link to the bug reports section on the main page of the forum. There is a sticky thread in the bug report section detailing how to make a bug report, including the format to use so that all the relevant information is included. It's easy enough to follow, but sadly people join up, rush in instead of checking the sticky and don't provide their details, then ignore the requests for more information - hard to fix the bug if they don't have all the facts. The more information they have, the faster things get fixed. They don't expect players to be bug testers either, but just like any other game forum, if a player notices a bug it's good sense to report it. You don't need to know anything about programming or game design, just explain what is happening/should be happening but isn't. The team can then investigate and fixes are forthcoming. Of course, the MD5 is a major issue, mostly on Xbox, but they are working on it. This is why reporting is so important - report the bugs, reduce the crashes and there'll be less MD5s.
  7. There's two massive factories in the wasteland on Navezgane but I don't ever remember seeing them in random gen maps.
  8. This is the town I settled at - it's great!
  9. Just wanted to say thank you for the crackpot20 seed - we are thoroughly enjoying this world!
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