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Requesting help...starvation mod big backpack+


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Hello all,


New to forums and need a little help. Disclaimer - I am an IDIOT in all things computer, so will take no offense if you have to smack me upside the head to get me to understand...thanks in advance for your saintly patience =D.


OK, I've been playing a previous version of the Starvation mod and as I'm an extreme hoarder, soon realized I'd enjoy the game so much more if I just had a bigger backpack and scooter inventory. I found Sirillion's post and followed Games4Kickz tutorial to the T and to my surprise (because it was me attempting this), it worked awesomely. I added everything Kickz did, turned off the EAC and refresh downloads, and selected the drop bag only selection in options. I was rocking and rolling for a month. Then, I talked my husband into downloading the Starvation mod to play with me, realized he would be using a newer version, and got the hair-brained idea I had to update my Starvation mod to the newest version ( Everything went downhill from there. Now, no matter how much I research or try to duplicate my success earlier, but with updated versions of the bag and SMX, I cannot get it to work. I have uninstalled the Starvation mod and re-installed it, but still with no success. I've been trying to muddle through this for a week and finally decided to throw myself at your mercy.


This is my absolute favorite mod. I adore the challenge of the farming and the husbandry add. I know I don't have to have the bigger back pack to play the mod, but if you knew my hoarding illness, you would understand how going back to the smaller backpack is beyond painful...lol. I will accept any help that any of you can give me. Thanks so much to you all.


Thank you to all the modders who grant me a peek into your imagination! And many many thanks to The FunPimps for creating such a fun game!





OK, not sure what info you might need, so I'll throw some stuff on the board and hope some of it is what you need:


Processor: AMD Ryzen 5 1400 Quad-Core 64-bit (3.20 GHz)

Ram: 16.0 GB

OS: Windows 10 Home Version 1709

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Hi Emm,


The BBM for Starvation is no longer maintained by me but got picked up by rock5046 as is now maintained by him. You can find it in the SDX section of this forum, more exactly HERE. Please be advised that the downloads in the original post are not updated, but the link I provide above takes you to rock5046's download section and you can download from there.


To make this work for you do the following:


1 - Backup savegames. You find them by opening Windows Explorer and then type in %appdata%\7DaysToDie in the address bar.

2 - Open STEAM, select LIBRARY and then right click 7 DAYS TO DIE and select PROPERTIES from the drop down menu.

3 - Select the LOCAL FILES tab at the top and then the VERIFY INTEGRITY OF GAME FILES... option on the left hand side of the menu.


Steam will now run a check on your 7 Days to Die install and revert it back to the original installed state effectively removing mod residues.


When that is done do the following.


1 - Run the Mod Launcher and download Starvation Mod and run it from the Mod Launcher for the first time then exit the game.

2 - Untick the Refresh mod on launch option.

3 - Download the updated BBM from rock5046 HERE

4 - Extract the archive and move the contents into the 7 Days to Die install. If you want to launch from the Launcher you move the content into the TempMods folder and if you want to launch from the exe you move the content into the root folder. Opt to overwrite when prompted. If you get no prompt to overwrite you are doing something wrong.

5 - Run the 7 Days to Die Launcher and turn OFF EAC.

6 - Play and enjoy.



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Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!


Thank you for your response BB_Drifter. I was trying to figure out how to respond when I saw Sirillion's response. I appreciate it so much guys! It works! I was grabbing the wrong folder. When I got to your step #4, it made me search for the TempMod folder and I found it in the Launcher folder of 7D2D. I was operating in the 7 Days to Die folder and of course, it wouldn't work. I DID mention I was an idiot about this stuff. Mr. Sirillion, you are my hero. I love your patch to this mod, it really enhances it. And I can't tell you how much I appreciate you taking the time to help, even after you've moved on to greener pastures for the time being.


One quick question...is it this patch that adds to the space of the minibike? Or the SMX one? OK, that's two questions, sorry...lol.


Thanks again for helping me to enjoy my favorite patch to my favorite mod on my favorite game! =D



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