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Collected UMA repository?


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So, looking through the existing mods there seem to be a number of UMAs that get reused in a whole bunch of mods. I know a few people have put a bunch of work into making these, and they seem very useful, but I am having trouble finding them just in their base form, and the prospect of trying to dissect existing mods to pull them out feels a bit daunting, and a bit off, as doing so leaves me uncertain of the origin of each individual UMA.


I know SphereII keeps a little collection of SDX mods, many of which were written by other people, in one solid repository for easy pick'n'pull to slap into individualized mods. I was wondering if there is anything similar for UMAs. Or if someone can point me to a couple links with just the archetypes. I've done a number of forum searches, digging into page 9-10 of search results and come up short.


Am helping Veldian work on the End of Days Mod, and really needing more late-game zombie models, and maybe a few early-mid as well to fill out the roster. And since he is talking about using a modified Romero, SphereII's Nightmares and Mutants don't seem to be an option, since they don't seem to have functional head hitboxes(I tested with a modified AK that did x0.001 body damage and x1000 head damage and they never died after hundreds of rounds). What I'd like most are large/scary/vicious/inhuman-looking/generally unpleasant types that would make good end game enemies.


I could technically teach myself how to make them, but I'm already busy learning 30,000 other things. :p Anyone able to help?

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my mod has most of them




the san prefix means it was made by sanguum rides, val prefix for valmar, bkSanta is beat kidz, the rest are from my stuff or converted vanilla profile archetypes.


War of the walkers has some uma as well, not sure if there are any other collections.


If you want a 'big' enemy crank the height value up to about 3 and they will be about 50% taller than normal person.


I've made a bit of a generator script. I'll tidy up a few bits and publish that at some point soon. It's not perfect but you can generate 1000's in a few seconds and then browse through in game to find ones to extract and tweak into proper archetypes

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