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how do catch a duper - UID errors?


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I am trying to put together a script (Powershell) that reads telnet messages looking for UID errors. what I want to know is if a player dupes an item will it show up as duplicate UIDs?


I am assuming the game engine has a unique ID for every item including a piece of wood right? if so an error with the player info should be in the logs and I should be able to go find that person(s)


if this works I will share the code/script.



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Most Dupers use corpse dupes you can get rid of 50% of em by changing


<property name="TimeStayAfterDeath" value="0.05"/>


0.05 seems to be the quickest you can go.


second most popular dupe is the storage chest dupe... look in the chest, friend breaks the chest, bag drops on the ground with all the stuff, take the stuff out of the chest, then out of the bag.


mod it out with


<property name="TimeStayAfterDeath" value="0.01"/>



<entity_class name="DroppedLootContainer">


<entity_class name="EvisceratedRemains">


at 0.01 the bag will not even appear, this is why on zombies you have to keep it at 0.05 or else corpses will not drop and players will be very unhappy.


There are more dupes, but these two are the heavy hitters in 16.4 a quick edit in entityclasses.xml solve ALOT of the issue

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