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You probably want to ask Tin on this thread about that and if you can use his RWGMixer.




I know there's a file with that Nav's uses to specifically place buildings on the map. You'll probably need to implement something like that.


And you'll likely need to create a new world. Nav's and Random Gen are worlds for example. The following link may help you create your world.




And you may be able to take the region files from a seed using something Tin can may be able to explain and merge that all together.


Never done it. But that's how I'd start.

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Find a dude named herpholl (I'm sure I misspelled that). He unlocked some method last alpha that would allow you do do so using a height map, but damned if I can remember any details about it.


Jackel's 2nd link is likely the thread the info is in, or at the very least that's the right person.

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