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Magic Wand (Teleport) Mod


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A13 Note

This mod is not yet A13 compatible as we are waiting for Domonix to complete the update to SD2DX (now simply called SDX).





This mod adds a magic wand item to the game. It allows you to place your target reticle on a location and left click to teleport there.


The SD2DX modding tool is needed in order to use this mod.






* Magic wand model




Example Video




Installation Instructions

These instructions are for people who have never used SD2DX before. If you just want the mod file itself then go to step 4 below.


1) Go to this thread: https://7daystodie.com/forums/showthread.php?30100-Sd2dx-v4-1 and download v4.2 of the SD2DX tool


2) Extract the files from the "SDX_V4.2_150804.7z" zip file to somewhere on your PC (eg on your Desktop)


3) Create a new folder called "SD2DXMods" in your 7 Days to Die game folder (C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\7 Days To Die)


4) Download the Magic Wand 1 mod file by clicking this link: http://gamerxserver.com/downloads/7DtD-Magic-Wand-1-Mod.zip


5) Extract the files from the "7DtD-Magic-Wand-1-Mod.zip" file to the folder you created in step 3 (C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\7 Days To Die\SD2DXMods)



6) Double click on the "ModLauncher" (SD2DX) tool to run it (click "Run" if windows asks)


7) Make sure the check box next to the mod name is ticked then click on the "Build..." button and wait for SD2DX to work its magic. When it is done it should look like the picture below



8) Click the "Launch Game" button (or you can start the game in Steam but be sure to choose the "Launch Without AntiCheat" option


9) Click the "New Game" button. Choose your options and set "Cheat Mode" to On if you wish to use creative mode in the next step


10) Wait for the game to spawn you. Press the "U" key on your keyboard to bring up the creative mode menu and type "magic" (without the quotes)








* The source code is included in the "Scripts" folder (as SD2DX compiles it when you click the "Build..." button)

* You cannot teleport to a location that is not possible (e.g. into the sky)... if you try a message will be displayed in chat

* If you wish to remove the mod then run the SD2DX tool and click the "Revert To Vanilla" mod button

* You cannot join an EAC protected server while using this mod (as you have modified the game)




Thanks To

* Domonix for the SD2DX tool




Substance Painter


(click for full size picture)




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