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A15-16? Valmar's Mod Collection


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I read, in another forum, that Val's waiting for the game to be stable before he does another upgrade on the mod.


"Stable" is not a word i would ever use for this game. And, don't get me wrong, i LOVE playing this game now. Before, it aggravated me a lot due to really serious problems.


Right now, the worst problem i see, with A17, is the invisible "quicksand" effect i've run into. I can be in an area and any vehicle i'm on will get very slow and look as if it's digging into quicksand.


Never leave it there before getting off the server. I learned that the hard way. It's even happened in the air.


But, back to the original subject. If he's waiting for a stable version of this game, he might be waiting forever. LOL. This game is anything but stable. It's fun, it's really expanded, it's got great mods but stable isn't a word i would use to describe it ;)

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