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A15-16? Valmar's Mod Collection


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I'm not 100% sure but I assume it is an offset to the count found in the upgrade path, for example: <property name="UpgradeHitCount" value="4" /> would be 4 hit with the axe, and 1 (4-3) with the nailgun)


Every upgradable block has a value of 4




/../.."]Upgrade_hit_offset Items




/../.."]UpgradeHitCount Blocks


ok so i figured it out.


<property name="Repair_amount" value="9999" />

<property name="Upgrade_hit_offset" value="-3" />


the first one repairs damage. the second one determines how many times you must right click to upgrade a wall or objects. the stone axe has a -1 offset, and takes several swings to upgrade a wood wall. but only one swing at -3.

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Valmar - YOU ROCK MAN!

This was awesome of you to explain and show the differences in and for each aspect.

This is very helpful and I didn't expect this much but gladly accept any and all help

and information you give.


Thanks once again for all the help and fast reply.





Is there a way to make it so they can be destroyed with admin tools but not anything else,

Like the Admin Tools in your Mod?

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Thank you for this been reading all the ♥♥♥♥ you got for this but I for 1 love to be able to pick only the parts of your mod i like for MY gameplay style.


I have part of your stuff, working oven and sink, Expanded storage containers (about to test cling wrap, and auto wall), Sirmodv5, minibike expansion, backpack expansion..... can you tell I'm a hoarder? lol, but again the best part!



So going back to the main point i know who I'm NOT going to even try MOD's from even if they are the best out there, but i really love that you did this have all the mod's separated to their own little snips of code so we can pick and match to OUR PERSONAL LIKING and GAMEPLAY STYLE in a easy to find and apply format without having to dig through all your mod pack to find them.


Modders without the USER how good is your mod really? and most of us users like CHOICES not one big pack that forces you to use ALL! ;)


So ValMar and to all other humble cool modders out there thank you so much for what you do to make this more enjoyable for us all, to the ones with chips on their shoulders a really nice and big FY!! :redface-new:

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Thank you elpuetorro, I'm happy you enjoy it and appreciate it.


Like yourself whenever I mod a game (usually I'm the user - not the modder) I prefer being able to pick and choose what all I want. I love having a lot of control and getting as many options as I can for how I tailor my game to suit my specific wants. It is with that mindset that I do my best to snip up my Valmod Pack whenever I can.


Obviously there will always be things that are frankly just impractical to share as a snippet (like little balance changes, stack size changes, ect) but if I have something in my mod that can easily be used stand-alone I try to make a separate mod for it.



For what its worth though I have received 99% positive feedback for this style of sharing. I've only had one people ever complain to me about it - everyone else has shown support for it. Thus I don't plan on dropping this type of mod sharing anytime soon, at least not if I'm still modding the game. I won't give this up and only focus on the Valmod Pack, basically.

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That is kinda tricky. Its not the easiest of thing to explain so I would need to share the already edited biomes.xml which means more work to keep it updated. I rather not. However I can work it back up for you - just drop me a message on steam next time we're both on.

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I try to install all packs downloaded from envul - https://envul.com/valmod-3174-7-days-to-die-mod/

And it dont work good, 70% items without picture and when i try to use i see normal from other items. Maybe i make something wrong. I copy both files where you say and thats all from me :D

Than i found here on forum also. Download all i need. first copy client Valmod Expansion Client Files than ValmodExpansionV2 and same thing -.-

Please help man i love this but dont work :D






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Are you playing on a server? That would be the only reason you'd need the client files. If you're playing singleplayer you can just install the mod.


Anywho, your client PC needs to have the Mods folder installed into the 7DTD directory. If you're not seeing the icons then it means you don't have the Mods folder in the right location.



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Hello, Thanks for answer :D

I rent server from lowpingservers.

I have alloc files installed on server. I also use envul server manager.

I made all as you write and download all what you set, but 70% items dont have picture and dont work.

You can see on pictures my server and what i have on.SERVER.thumb.jpg.eb5dd8c63c887484d7937d06eafbe3da.jpg


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Ok. Thanks. But what with others players who play on my server?

They all also need to download and copy on pc?


Yes like I said the Mods folder does not push from servers to clients. They need to install the mods folder on their side or else they will not see icons.

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Yes they do

Thanks for answer


Yes like I said the Mods folder does not push from servers to clients. They need to install the mods folder on their side or else they will not see icons.

Thanks for answer.

I will like to install this 3 mod from you.




This 3 can work without downloading on pc or it is same way?

And if i can, can you please explaine me how i m new with this :(

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Yeah, they all would work without the clients needing to download stuff. But they wouldn't see any icons for the items those mods add. It would still work but the icon would be blank. Its a cosmetic issue.


As for how to install mods on a server... I'm not really the right person to ask for this. I know how but I don't really know how to explain these things to those who don't already have a general understanding of how its done - no offense intended. Its why a lot of my mods are "hey, look at this, code code code". Very straight-forward. I work on assumption that those who look at my mods or install my mods already know the basics.


One good thing about my mods however is that they all share the same Mods folder. THat is to say , the client only needs to download one thing. The Mods folder includes icons for all my mods, even ones you dont install or use. This means you dont have to give out there or four different download links or whatever. One file to cover all the mods.



Honestly if its your first steps into modding I would sooner recommend installing my Valmod Expansion Pack. It has everything done for you and can be installed with a drag-and-drop. Still would need the clients to install client-side files (which I include specifically for servers) but you wouldn't need to modify individual files or copy/paste a bunch of text here and there. Its the easiest my mods are ever going to be to install.


Valmod Pack

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Hello :)


hi guys!

First of all thanks for your time to make that mod. its really nice! but..

i got a problem with it. i downloaded and installed your complete mod package with all ur mods and changed the things in the blocks.xml and recipes.xml. Everything works fine and look good. But my problem is that i cant harvest any plants anymore. i can seed them if i find some seeds, can see them grow but i cant harvest them. When i destroy them nothing happens they are only destroyed but i get nothing. I tried to change the "<drop event="destroy" count... to 1 but i still get nothing. And i can see no names above the plants. Do i have to take special garden tools so harvest them or something? oh and i get no error message so because of that i have no idea where to search for the mistake. i changed the modified loot.xml by myself a lil bit but that works good.

oh and i cant get honey from hornets anymore.

maybe u can help me:)


EDIT: ok i found out whats wrong. i have to pick it up with hand not with shovel or anything. my stupidity :D

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Hello zombie slayer!


1st Valmar, many thank you for your work and for the community!

I don't use your mod because too hard for me at the moment... in the future when more used to game

anyway, I had some of your genius recipes like weedcleaver(my favorite!)sealed meat.... but can't figure out where to put the icon?? no icon folder found

could you tell me how to make them show ingame when you have 2 min of your precious time please?

thanks in advance and keep the good stuff flowing in our game! :)

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Hello Kramer.


So you know the Valmod Expansion pack shouldn't make the game harder as its just an "Expansion Pack" for the game - not a complete overhaul. :p


The weed cleaver is actually JaxTeller's creation. I feel guilty so many have credited me for it lol.


Anyway the icons are all included in the "Mods" folder which should be included in the shared icons zip file. Drag and drop this Mods folder into your 7 Days to Die install directory and... thats it. If this is your first time adding icons you will NOT have a Mods folder in your 7 Days to Die directory. Dont worry, this is normal. Just drag and drop the Mods folder into the 7 Days to Die folder and you're golden.


Hope that helps.

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