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Game crashes to Desktop without error (Undead Legacy)


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So today I got a problem with 7 days (again -.-).
Im currently playing alone on an random generated world with the undead legacy mod and everything went fine the last few weeks. But today the game crashed withut an error or something else directly to my desktop, as I got closer to my base/trader.
I relogged a few times and everytime I get "too" close to my base it crashes the same.

The last line in the output log, which I think is what lets the game crash, says this:

2024-02-11T11:02:48 269.472 WRN No chunk for position 1427, 48, -656, can not add childs to pos 1425, 38, -658! Block ulmCollectorOreHarvest

Game Version A20.6

Undead Legacy Version 2.6.17

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That isn't an error. Just a warning that can be ignored. It would not cause a crash.


I suspect that the data in your base chunk is corrupted, which would cause the crash. Could be due to a number of things like missing block data due to mods not loading properly, or even as simple as having put down too many frame shapes. 


The fix would be to reset the affected area so you can enter it again.

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