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Low dedicated server performance

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I have a 7 Days to Die server running on Pterodactyl with the Darkness Falls mod. The server is on version A21.1, and the Darkness Falls version is DF-V5-DEV-B26. Underlying hardware: CPU: E5-2680 v2

RAM: 16GB 1600MHz

Storage: SAS (big array on RAID5, not the fastest, but the server worked fine for some time)




Latest Console log:


The panel shows that there should be CPU to use (up to 3000%) but only uses less than 100%. 100% = 1 core used, so there are 30 cores' worth of CPU even though 7 Days to Die doesn't use them.


We had this kind of issue before, but we managed to solve it by disabling dynamic mesh. Now the problem is back and runs as low as 13 FPS. We have tried everything that we can Google, and still, this issue persists.


We are now in progress to test if updating the mod helps. The save has been on the same version as the server; no updates there.

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Hmm. In all honesty, it may be mod related but I don't see glaring issues that would cause it; but, those xenons work okay still for a bunch of tasks that aren't heavily CPU bound, but they don't do very well at all for 7 days to die. The ram frequency is pretty abysmal for the tasks the 7 days server needs as well. It may run non-modded okay (or not an overhaul as big as darkness falls anyway). Not sure what ram speeds your motherboard/cpu can handle, but if you can get faster ram for it, it may help. 

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Well, with the lack of cpu/ram power trying to run an overhaul... maybe we can give some more headroom: reduce max animals/zombies, make sure dynamic mesh is off on the server, lower the view distance, perhaps MaxQueuedMeshLayers, but I'm not too sure if that would cause issues going too low so be careful there. 

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