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Item respawn in buildings


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Hello friends


I set in my dedi server an item respawn time for all 3 days

But now, after 2 weeks all shops and their shelves are empty.

Can any of you explain, what i did wrong?


<property name="LootRespawnDays"                value="3" />    



Thanks in advance

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loot respawn only works for containers that don't change to the new state, open.


So shelves would not restock with loot with the Loot Respawn Days setting.  If you want shelves to restock, you need to enable the new function, chunk reset

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Hello and thanks

Do you mean this entry?

<property name="MaxChunkAge"                    value="-1"/>                <!--

The number of in-game days which must pass since visiting a chunk before it will reset to its original state


Edit: i cant find a chunk reset

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Another option would be to change the loot containers


  <!-- cntStoreShelf_Shoes -->
  <lootcontainer name="shoesShelves" count="1" size="6,2" sound_open="UseActions/open_garbage" sound_close="silencefiller" loot_quality_template="qualBaseTemplate" destroy_on_close="empty">
    <item group="groupApparelShoesAll" />


Where it states destroy_on_close="empty", having a modlet that changes those from empty to false would keep them as a lootable container.  Then the loot respawn should affect them since they stay in that state


destroy_on_close options:

  • empty - changes to empty model, does not respawn loot (some models will destroy like birdnests)
  • true - after you loot, container destroys itself
  • false - should stay in lootable state
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