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If I take a solid wall and put windows in, will it support the roof the same?


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generally speaking yes it will

blocks will either have a yes or a no on vertical support, it should say it on the block



The thing that matters is the material the block is made from 




one thing to note though window shapes only have 10% of the HP of the full block

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7 hours ago, ElCabong said:

I'd think it would, it's the same block type just a different form.


Intuitively the answer is no. It's a window not a support

As far as I'm aware, the stability properties of a block do not change based on what shape is chosen. The only time those change would depend on the material it is made out of. Other than that, properties such as whether the player/enemy can shoot or melee through it, does it allow light or water to pass through it, etc do change based on shape.


So in answer to your question, yes, it should support it just fine.

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