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DHTA Invincible Traps


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While working with my improved traps mod I found a way to make the stock game traps nearly invincible, so I decided to fork the original mod and release one for people who are late-game, don't like rebuilding as much, or just want an easier experience! The traps will no longer take durability damage while being used and they can only be damaged by melee attacks after this mod has been installed. I had to leave the melee damage in or you'd never be able to remove one of the traps if you needed to.


The mod only modifies stock game values and only needs to be installed on the host or dedicated server. Clients do not need the mod. It may be installed or removed at any time and will affect both traps that are already placed and traps placed after installation. The same can be said for removal. Once the mod has been removed, any placed traps will revert to the stock behavior. There is no need to replace existing traps after installing or removing this mod.





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