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Dedicated Server Issues


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Good Evening!


This one has me in a pickle.


I have a 2nd machine running STEAM 7 Days dedicated.


I port forwarded and all that.  For both the TCP/UCP ports.  I believe they were 26900 -26903.


Steam sees my server. 7 Days sees my server.


I can join it with the ip4 address and the 26900 port.   Easier to join as its on my lan.


But, I cannot connect via STEAM, I have to join with the IP feature inside of 7 days.


My friends.


They can see my server via STEAM server lists and 7 days.  When they try to join via STEAM.... cannot connect.  When they try to use my public IP and the correct port, cannot join.  For the 2 that I know IRL, I even gave my specific ip to them and the port... still no dice.


I have tech fluent, but not strong at all when it comes to networking issues.


Any help would be appreciated.

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Wow, my first message board dink of the day, on my very first post on these boards. Absolutely no reason for that type of response, At least the first half.


I will post the information. I was simply looking for general thoughts of maybe something I did not look at. 


You my good sir, can pound salt.  

If this means I do not find my answer here, so be it. Plenty of other areas to post in.

Take care



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Maybe turn this into a learning experience and look at pinned topics first before you first post?  They are there to help the user, but only works if the user actually reads them.


Things like Rules of the forums are typically pinned topics and ST went through a lot of time and effort to create and maintain a pinned topic in this section to make sure people can get help with their issues when they come here.  One of the biggest issues over the years is a lack of information so she took the initiative to create a detailed topic on what steps you need to do to get assistance.  Unfortunately, people just skip the pinned topics (and not even read the subject lines) before jumping right in and asking for help with not enough information to assist them.  So if she came off as salty to you, it is just because you are one in a long line of people who are not reading the pinned topic at the top of this topic and requesting help with not enough information to actually provide the help.  ST (and many others that assist in this forum) are not TFP tech support, just passionate gamers trying to help others so posts about problems without critical information is taking time away from other activities.  It might not seem like much not to include critical information at the very beginning, but imagine most people doing that and all the effort posters have to make asking for information already requested in the pinned topic setup to prevent this issue from happening in the first place.....


The best processes in the world are worthless if they are not used.  Now I will hop off of my soapbox.


If you want help, post the missing information that is called out in the thread that she linked in her response.  There is a lot of knowledge here in this topic and with that information you provide, they can start to track down your issue quickly to get you back up and running.   There is a lot of information in the log files that can quickly track down the issue or even get the people trying to help the right questions to ask.

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I did look through the top topics that I did not see anything about protocols. So I made a general posting in the general support area. At the time, it made sense to me.

I get that I could’ve looked over and for that I apologize.


As for your message… While nothing that you said is necessarily incorrect, you kinda missed from my only point, there’s no reason to be a dink. All that needed to be said was please look at the pinned  stuff in the future. But instead of that, this individual had to be obnoxious.


in the end, nothing is gained there



I am just now, realizing what I did, I looked at the homepage posts for all the categories for any direction. But I went into the general support page. I did not look in there. I just went to these new thread.

my mistake

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