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The desert biom is too easy


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For the first time my starter trader was in the desert so that's where I made my base. On the way to him I killed a coyote and a pig.


It is a little more difficult that the forest. I did get jumped by a coyote once, it managed to give me a severe laceration, then a F****** buzzard jumped me and I was diseased, concussed, and  one other misery I can't remember. My hp maxed at 12. But I got dinner and feathers.


That's does create more challenge except for the food. I have too much. Whenever I need meat, I whack a coyote.


Don't know what I'd do. Fewer coyotes would work but perhaps making them harder to kill would be better.

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Once they overhaul weather it is doubtful you will be able to start in the desert biome very easily. The amount of water you will need to sustain yourself together with the early game water scarcity that is coming will surely drive you back to the safety of the forest biome until you've established a replenishing water supply and found appropriate clothing. But that won't be until at least A22 unless one of the devs suddenly whips out a secret weather overhaul announcement and surprises everyone.


btw... "a little more difficult than the forest" is probably mostly correct. This game isn't trying to be Valheim where each new biome is basically a whole new world that is almost impossible to survive before progressing through the current biome's game loop completely.

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