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Black Screen can only see hands after starting new game (Have read support pin/not helping)


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I am having a ton of trouble playing, have uninstalled all files and redownloaded, I have tried old alpha, I have tried to newest alpha. I have cleaned my game data multiple times before every attempt. I have made sure my mods folder is deleted and made sure my saves are deleted. I have verified the integrity of my game files on Steam. I have the latest drivers for my graphics card and every other driver. I have windows updated as well. 


Every time I start a new game or try to connect to a server to play , I have the game connection graphics show up, then after about 15 to20 seconds or moving in the game the screen goes black and i can still move and hear sound but cannot see anything else. I have lowered my resolution , tried windowed mode, tried full screen mode and tried full screen only. Currently in windowed but still not working


I am running Windows 10

AMD Ryzen 5 2600x six core processor 3600mhz


16g RAM

Radeon RX 580 Series


I have read multiple forums with issues and tried those solutions but am still stick. I tried disabling EAC, I tried running as administrator, i tried running in compatibility mode for windows 8, I have made sure it's on DirectX 11, I have updated Microsoft C++ and made sure there are no other versions on my computer. I am pretty lost


Here is my log file if anyone has had a similar issue and fixed or knows another way to go about this. Thank you in advance


1292023pastebin7days - Pastebin.com

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Make sure Windows10 is updated

verify you have the latest graphics driver from the oem

And verify that your video cable is secured


Not sure if you did any of those things


also what do you mean by game connection graphics?  is that a third party software?

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I have updated windows, have latest graphic driver and I double checked my video cable and it is secure.


i think it just auto filled I meant when I start a new game it will show up with graphics then after a few seconds most of the game goes black except my hands and tool belt. I Can move and hear sounds but the graphics just are black. I did mess with settings/brightness all of that but it did not change 


thanks for the reply 

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I did shut down and restart quite a few times, I can see the crafting menu and such. And the toolbar hands look ok just black for everything else on the screen. I did verify steam files maybe about 10 or so times at this point.


I just tried on GL Core but that crashed the game, I did reinstall Steam and the game again, it seems to stay up slightly longer but still going black after 1 or so minutes. I have now noticed there is an orange hammer/graphic over some of the items you can interact with, such as bird nests, trees before it goes to a black screen again. I can still interact with things as well but can't see the item. 

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