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Better 7 Days to Die (Alpha)


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Better 7 Days to Die (ALPHA)



I've been playing 7 Days to Die with my girlfriend for a while now. But somehow we have missed a little variety. Actually, I just wanted to make some new buildings for both of us to explore. But a few buildings turned into a whole city.
She kept telling me how much she'd like more zombie types, so I started looking into proper modding and creating new zombies. One thing led to another and now many new things have come to the mod. So I decided to share it with other players and get your feedback.


This mod is intended to make the game harder and bring more variation into it.

This mod is currently in alpha. Bugs&Glitches are not excluded.

Currently only pre-made maps can be played. This will be changed with the final release of the mod.


And before anyone asks, yes I was very uncreative. The mod name is cribbed from the mod of the same mod name in Minecraft. haha



• Forge Expansion - Plastic meltable - New Recipes - Three Places to Melt Down
• Quests - New types of quests
• Quest expansion - The quest title now says which POI to visit
• HUD enhancement - Food and drinking water display in the lower left corner
• Backpack - Enlarged backpack to 84 seats
• Backpack - Seven new books to expand the load capacity, this will unlock backpack slots
• New Items - Many new items gained by melting plastic in the oven.
• New Items - Among other things new drinks in plastic cups (tea, aloe smoothie etc.)
• New Traders - New traders have appeared in the world, these are open only at night
• New Zombies - Some new zombies (also bosses) have been added to the game
• New district - Uptown City is now available. (Connection to downtown City)
• Many new buildings - Many new POI's have been added to the game.
• More zombies in citys
• Radioactive Zones - There are now radioactive zones on the map, without protection no further!



These are described in the readme file.



Since the mod is still in development, I would like to give the file only to people who are really interested to TEST the mod.
Write me a PN and I will send you the mod.
There is a form which should be filled out by the people who test the mod. Here are things asked like: Were there bugs? Were there problems? What can be improved? Were all things included in the game?

I want the mod to be a good mod, so I want to get feedback first and rule out any bugs.



Translations are currently available in English and German.

Here, however, I have to say that even the English variant comes from a translator.

As for the general translation, I'm always happy when people help me with it. So if you speak French, Russian, English or any other language, please contact me to work on the translation.



• Discord-Server (My Discord Server)

Discord-Server (Magolis Combo Pack Discord - Here iam activ aswell)




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On 1/24/2023 at 10:33 AM, LuzipherMST said:

And before anyone asks, yes I was very uncreative. The mod name is cribbed from the mod of the same mod name in Minecraft. haha


😅 I wouldn't worry about that.  Mine right now is simply called All in One, which simply means it is all the various ideas I have / had on the game rolled into one massive mod; rather than various modlets

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