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Favorite Mass Production To Sell To Traders (A20)


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Mine are for early to mid game:


Minibike Handlebars - No need for duct tape or forged iron / steel. Wrench cars for headlights and make a stack of 50 to sell to traders for 18,000 to 20,000 dukes.


Minibike Chassis - Small amount of duct tape and forged Iron (not steel), which is fairly easy resources to get early game. Same or similar sell price as handlebars.


Edit: It used to be steel tools in A18, before steel tool parts.

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I tend to be the guy that makes my group all the cash as lately I've been really into INT builds this year.


Things I didn't think made a lot of money but definitely can:  stacks of iron pipes, car headlights, lead items (why scrap them?  easier to mine lead), scrap spare engines for 30 mechanical parts (then sell the stacks), stacks of cloth, and wire tools.  This is in addition to what's been mentioned above.


And if you're playing undead legacy?    Yeeeesh, you can almost pick up anything off the ground and sell it if you want to.

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