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Game cant launch at XUi_FallThrough.Update () [0x00121] in <ffc99a688d2b435db53bb46aed82ca49>:0


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10 hours ago, DemonBigj781 said:

it was modmanager

Doesn't really matter. You're using obsolete mods designed for an old version of the game. 


Your game version....

2022-11-20T01:17:58 0.025 INF Version: Alpha 20.6 (b9)


Some of your mods that fail the check....


Better_Leveling (19.6)

Boid's Casual Spawns (1.1) - Not updated since a19

Every_Day_Restock (19.6)

Zombie-HP-Bar (19.6)


And that's just a few. That full mod list is insane.

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