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Hi there,
I saw that it was recurring that some people are not satisfied with certain game options.
Would it be possible to add a customization menu to activate or deactivate certain game options or even to be able to add others and select them.
It could be interesting to be able to add game options via mods and to be able to replace some. (I was thinking for example of breaking or harvesting crops with a touch).
I would love a game that is as customizable as possible and that would stick with what we are looking for.
Thanking you in advance for your potential opinions.

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I may not understand correctly what you are asking for. But I fail to see what would be solved by your ideas.


An option to turn on an option menue seems rather superfluous, why not have those options always displayed anyway, they are already optional


And players call for options so they can avoid installing mods, so what use is providing options via a mod?


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7 hours ago, meganoth said:

And players call for options so they can avoid installing mods, so what use is providing options via a mod?


If the mod itself allows selecting a range of values for one of its modifications, having that selection available from an in-game screen would be far more user friendly than requiring someone to modify XML or run some batch file or executable to get at the option selection within a mod.


An example:  A mod that adjusts the number of zombies alive at one time within each biome might allow you to adjust how extreme each biome is (maybe from some fraction to make it easier up to some multiplier to make it extremely hard) with a slider or something like that from a custom/mod options menu in game.


The goal, as I see it, would be to allow mods to not just be "all or nothing" in their design and instead allow them to scale or turn parts of them on or off.  This also assumes that TFP allows numbers in the XML to be simple formulas (variable, value +-*/ variable, or value) and that there be some way to define global variables that are usable from the XML (maybe named mod_something, for instance).  Then a mod could simply have a modoptions.xml file that would list needed options and their range of values.  At least that's the way I'd design it.  :p


The way I'd set up a modoptions.xml file:

<modoptions name="ModName">
  	<!-- select a value by name from a dropdown list, setting mod_ModName_MyOption1 to the value of the name selected-->
	<selector name="MyOption1"> 
		<selection name="value1" value="0"/>
		<selection name="value2" value="1"/>
		<selection name="value3" value="2"/>
  	<!-- Slider with a range of 0 to 1 with 0.1 intervals  -->
	<slider name="MyOption2" range="0-1,0.1"/> 
  	<!-- Slider with a discreet range of values --->
	<slider name="MyOption3" range="0,1,2,3,4,5"/> 


Obviously, more than 5 minutes of thought need to go into this but you get the idea.

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