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loot.xml / lootcontainer ID


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I recently started messing with blocks.xml and loot.xml and I've got a question...


In loot.xml, the lootcontainer tags have an ID attribute that appears to be a unique ID between 0 and 1023. TFP declarations appear to be from 1-157 and 500-551. It seems easy for a modder to pick ID numbers that don't collide with TFP.


Is there a convention modders are using to avoid colliding with each other?

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ID numbers no longer matter. They can be omitted from the code. Loot is called from the lootcontainer name now. As far as not colliding with others, easiest way would be to add your name or some kind of prefix to it. IE: ZZTongBirdnest... Doubt anyone would ever come up with an identical name. lol

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According to practice is better use prefix-tag (3-4 letters) + vanilla name. Like this "tdmDoorMetalVariantHelper"
This this applies to both groups and items. If you think about UX. For example if u created some items prefix tag it`s help arrange this items near.

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