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Atmospheric sound affects


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If anyways have played the long dark and has went into any building you will know what I mean by atmospheric sound affects. You can hear creaking of the floor boards as you take a step or creaking of old machines no longer in use. It makes you feel alone and forgotten. Helpless maybe... 7 Days to Die needs sound affects in buildings. Like when your in a attic with a hole in the roof you hear wind blowing, or creaking because how old the house is. If in a mall maybe a voice talking about their hot new sale. A school intercom talking about their basketball team winning a tournament and asking students to sign up for the A+ program. Just quick little things as you go around the halls of the school or stores of a mall. Small little things like that show a lot and tell a lot about the world and make you feel so immersed. The fun pimps could add small sounds to the new POI's then when they have time could add sounds to the older POI's. Thank you for reading this. 

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I’ve brought this up before (I think in the pimp dreams forum) about basically letting mods attach sounds to blocks (or at least attach sounds to more blocks for POi creators to use, if cannot use mods ). I was thinking of creaking wood, like just a few blocks that would creak, but mostly thinking of clocks ticking creepily into the silence, which is similar to the announcements you mention (just a constant sound coming from a block)

but yes! More ambiance, no matter how they do it. I would like tree branches to creak a bit. And It would be super cool if the ambiance could be linked/triggered to the weather, so if it’s super stormy there’s more sounds happening, especially indoors.

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I'd be cool with sound blocks, configurable so that the POI designer picked the sound, how often it played, the radius that can hear it. A library of sounds that ships with the game would be cool.


For bonus points, let modlets add sound files with some very limited but reasonable maximum length. A 3-second CD quality file will be something like 500kb and transfer quickly across the 'net along with the map data. It would be something like 100 sounds files taking under 1 minute across a last-mile 10 Mbps DSL connection, or something like 4-5 seconds over a last-mile 100 Mbps cable connection.


A possible issue is modlet creators distributing sounds that are copyright by somebody, but that's not a new concern.


Another possible issue is reports of server/network performance related to signaling that a sound should be played. I'm sure I do not know the whole story, but I thought I read something about net code to play sounds going to all players and then the client determining if it was heard.

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