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[mod request/help] Give wooden spike traps 5000hp to make them last longer before breaking


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I'm new to modding and have been trying different things for the past few hours to no avail. Here's what I've attempted so far:


  <set xpath="materials/material[@name='MtrapSpikesWood']/property[@name='Hardness']/@value">5000</set>
  <set xpath="materials/material[@name='MtrapSpikesWood']/property[@name='MaxDamage']/@value">5000</set>



<material id="MtrapSpikesWood">
    <property name="damage_category" value="wood"/>
    <property name="surface_category" value="wood"/>
    <property name="forge_category" value="wood"/>
    <property name="Hardness" type="float" value="1"/>
    <property name="stepsound" value="wood"/>
    <property name="stability_glue" value="20"/>
    <property name="Mass" type="int" value="5"/>
    <property name="MaxDamage" value="5000"/>
    <property name="movement_factor" value="0.18"/>
    <property name="Experience" value="2"/>



<block name="trapSpikesWoodDmg0">
    <property name="Extends" value="trapSpikesWoodMaster"/>
    <property name="CustomIcon" value="trapSpikesWoodMaster"/>
    <property name="MaxDamage" value="5000"/>
    <property class="UpgradeBlock">
        <property name="ToBlock" value="trapSpikesIronDmg0"/>
        <property name="Item" value="resourceForgedIron"/>
        <property name="ItemCount" value="4"/>
        <property name="UpgradeHitCount" value="4"/>

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All you need to do is modify the master block shape in the blocks.xml file


<block name="trapSpikesWoodMaster">
    <property name="CreativeMode" value="None"/>
    <property name="Class" value="TrunkTip"/>
    <property name="BlockTag" value="Spike"/>
    <property name="Damage" value="33"/>
    <property name="Damage_received" value="33"/>
    <property name="Material" value="MtrapSpikesWood"/>
    <property name="MaxDamage" value="33"/>


Change MaxDamage to whatever value you want.  I changed it to 500 quickly and started up my game.  Put one wood spike down and each stage of the spike trap as I broke it down had 500 hp.

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