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Game Version: Unknown Please help.

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Hello i have always normally setup servers super easy was going to be trying some mods with a new multiplayer server.
I encountered a problem seeing the description of my server it never showed up i noticed it said Game Version: Unknown i would believe it is related.

I have tried to uninstall the game and the server multiple times just run the vanilla server and game client and recently i even went to the lengths of deleting all of the reg files because i was thinking they should come back when you fresh install.

All of this has failed and i have even tried specifically selecting 20.5(b2) and it even shows that at the top of the screen on the right i do not understand how to fix this.



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Your output log file may hold a clue.

The first thing to check is that port forwarding is set up correctly in your router.

You'd need 26900 TCP and 26900 through 26903 UDP forwarded to the server for your setup.

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