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Question about Gamestage


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Does "total number of in-game days elapsed" mean server days or character days?


Example, if my server is on Day 1000, and I make a new character and play for 3 days in-game, the "server day" is 1003 but my character has only been alive for 3.


Which of these is my "Raw Days Alive" for purposes of calculating my "Adjusted Days Alive"?


I checked the wiki entry but it's not terribly specific.


Thank you!

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From the xml files



    This is a running total, kept for every individual player.

    Every 24 hours GAME time 1 (day) is added.
    On every death "daysAliveChangeWhenKilled" is subtracted from the total.

    After this the daysAlive is capped.
    It is low-capped at 0, high-capped at "your player level".
    At player level 41 you can have a daysSurvived value anywhere from 0 to 41.



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That is how it works but....if you are near someone who has been on that server for 100 days and it was their presence that activated the sleeper volume or if the wilderness spawns were based off of them then you better watch yourself. Jump behind them or something....

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12 hours ago, Rotor said:

@BFT2020 is there  a quick way to see player level and game stage without logging in etc, etc?



Not a quick way (as far as I know and depending on your setup).  All of the player data is stored in the saved games folder for that game (see Player folder).  The files in there require special software to open properly so you can read them, but I don't know of the proper application to do that.


At the very least, that file should have the data so that the game can calculate the game stage.

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