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Alexander achievement.


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You guys reduced the qualifation after us tryhards spent all that time getting it.
Sure make it accesible but you completely diminished the monumentous acheivement that was, can we at least get a badge or something.
Like just SOMETHING for that, sucks to have that suddenly be a worthless accomplishment that I worked so hard on.
Bet others feel the same.

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I've got it.
if the biker zombies are supposed to be the Dukes gang members, what if at 250 kills we get a togglable back/front tattoo of their insignia on our player model that eludes to being a duke gang member (or ex one)

that's perfect. then we're all happy.
no need to redo acheivements- 250 kills earns the back tattoo. everyones happy.

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On 6/23/2022 at 2:19 AM, Numinous said:

a worthless accomplishment

I mean... Achievements from steam are pretty much this exactly, specifically for this game. How do we know you didn't just mod one of the zombies to have 1 health, set it's entitytype to npc so it counts as a player, then just spam spawn kill them for the achievement? There's no way to prove that you did this the correct way. Not sure there's a benefit to getting worked up over achievements at this stage. Almost all of the achievements in this game can be modded / done by turning cheat mode on / off. Just my two cents though. Take it, or leave it for the next person to pick up.

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thank you for your skeptical, diminishing response. issue resolved.

If we're just playing some robotic logical soulless assessment.
You know, how is any accomplishment verified- how do I know you typed out that post and it wasn't constructed by someone who ghost wrote it for you, or some weirdly callous neural network.  how do I know you didn't forge your uni certs, or that you've done anything you've ever claimed with any token or badge you have.

You could apply that reasoning ad nasuem to diminish anything earned with enough mental gymnastics.

The whole point was more that it's inconsiderate to people who grinded it. 


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It is quite normal for games that achievements are changed when a game gets developed, as part of balancing. And often they are reset when a game gets out of beta or EA, to create a level playing field.

I don't know if that will happen here, but keep this in mind if you want to hunt some achievements before the game gets released.


For me achievements are just some goals I might want to achieve for myself when I have no other goals at the moment. As such I'm perfectly ok when achievements are reset as the knowledge I already achieved them is enough for me. Maybe Telric is the same and therefore might not see the problem you see here.



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Meh, I don't go after Steam achievements at all. If I get one, then fine. If not, I may look to see what I have to get it but I don't hunt it.


Now @Numinous, your last comment was, uh, kinda rough to put it mildly. The achievement is worthless (surprise!). 


I earned a tatoo? Nice. Won't show through my clothes or armor. But I have earned a tatoo. Never, ever get a tatoo. Change your hair, get plastic surgery, use a different accent. With a tatoo they will find you. The Duke will find you....as will a host of others that have interest in you. Inconsiderate to change the achievement rules? Okay. But its not only 7dtd that's a victim. Lodge a complaint with Steam, because some of my other games gave me badges I didn't even know existed.


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