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All T5 trader quests take you to the same exact POI


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I am sick of doing the same POI over and over again. I do T5 quests due to the most duke coins and experience obviously, but the trader that I live near has the same exact T5 quests. Now that in of itself isn't an issue... but these quests take me to the same flippin location every- single- time. Based on the distance of the quest before accepting, I know EXACTLY what POI I will be going to. This is NOT fun! There is no variety! I know where every item and enemy is located. This sucks and isn't fun. Tier 4 quests are exactly the same as well. I haven't tested tier 3, 2 or 1 yet and I don't want to. It isn't fun doing the same POI multiple times ( I have cleared the same building for the same clear quest 23 times now and counting). I have spend roughly 50 hours in A20 and it is really hard to continue playing. Why play if you expect the same results every time?

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11 minutes ago, meganoth said:

There are more towns and traders on a map, they will give you different quests.


I usually even create sub-bases near other traders to have all the comforts (aka workbenches, campfire and chests) available.




On RWG it happens 90% of the time that you have just 3 or even 2 different T5´s. I tried to get a map with all of them. I gave up after around 50 maps. Took me a few weeks.


Also got a few with only one type of T5.


Current RWG needs a ton of work tbh. Generally more T5´s are needed.


@Nunhappy You could try compopack48 it´s a mod that adds a ton of custom POI´s. Maps generated when using compopack have way more T5 POI´s. But be warned, the zombie count on some of those is simply crazy.

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