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gpu and cpu usage oddities


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i have a question guys: why when im playing on my world with 3 people we all go into the downtown district and for whatever reason my gpu and cpu suddenly become 25% utilised when normally solo its at 60% cpu and 81% gpu same goes for horde night furthermore dropping fps i was wondering why does this happen and is there a solution to said problem?


oh and i forgot to mention turning off dynamic mesh lowering graphics settings and the resolution made no changes to my fps for me personally this never used to happen but in recent alphas 19 and up this has been an issue for me i dont know why this happens but any help would be great

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whenever i try to set the affinty of the process or change the priority level it keeps saying access denied not sure why when ive marked every user as having full control something aint right

22 hours ago, Jugginator said:

Depending on your CPU you may get benefit by limiting the game to 4 cores.


Other than that your RAM speed matters. Shadows and the bottom right graphics options will be your biggest killers in cities.

forgot to quote my bad

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