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  1. i would say no as the zombies could easily get through an iron hatch if you cannot kill them fast enough eg not fighting them or you are trying to spam repair it without a nail gun and for the most part it isnt messing with the ai
  2. using blocks that have proporties that manipulate the ai, just sitting on roof tops on blood moons long concrete corridors to walk along on bms same goes for just circling around an undergroudn tunnel and probably repair spamming hatches so you dont have to fight the horde these all seem like messing with the game and or ai to make it easy i always have some sort of killing pillar with wedges leading upwards then i build myself with a kill box with poles and normal blocks seems pretty fair of a fight to me
  3. i havent ever cheesed the ai in this game point for this is it makes the game way too easy if i took a guess id say the peeps who most likelly cheese the game are newcomers who are getting the hang of things or if you are playing on insane
  4. seems right to me lol of course not but i havent seen this bug yet in rwg im gonna guess that its a more uncommon bug where the wilderness poi paths intercept with lakes and rivers and cause some weird stuff to happen for example this
  5. interesting note unrelated to this but there is a plasma baton in the game files so its probs the t3 baton
  6. huh ive seen a tier 6 quest layout in the xml files.... now im really curious
  7. now this is epic look at this bigass city lol i missed these when hub city got removed in a17
  8. lbd is good and bad i love it but i also dont its complicated i miss it sometimes too but i think mods will cover this e.g. darkness falls both perk systems have their ups and downs they sure did ill post a screen shot soon
  9. it works but then it will only spawn in like 2 or 3 cities which is odd overall im seeing positive results and suprisingly minimal fps loss i have generated a mega city with atleast 200 tiles and my fps seems completely fine
  10. i like to test things i know all the consequences of modifying things thanks for the info and ill let you know if modifying the tiles min and max values
  11. hey i dont really have much options as to how i would go about asking is there any way to increase the amount of towns generated in rwg past the capped limit so i thought i would ask it here: in the rwg.xml file i generated 2 10k worlds one with the default values with towns being set to many which i believe is 4? then in the next modified 10k world i set it to the value 10 and i noticed in the generation that it said generating 50 towns or something like that but in the end both worlds had the same amount of towns so i am wondering is that a hard coded limit or is there any way to bypass this and generate as much towns as i would like and or cities any help on this subject would be greatly appreciated.
  12. hey khaine thanks for updating and keeping this astounding mod alive we are all very grateful for your work!
  13. its more than likely a server issue in a20 i havent seen that yet i saw something similar in a18 and a19 where there where these random black blocks in pois that made it literally unbearable to see inside the poi i would say give it a month or 2
  14. treyarch made the zombies im talking about activison because they are scummy publishers and are too busy protecting bad work culture rather than helping their employees
  15. activision deserve for there new cods to die out they just crank em out unfinished broken and boring but on a more positive note thats great hopefully it 7dtd stays on top too
  16. food spoilage is just another micro management thing depending on how you play i think that we don't need any more things to micromanage 😂 also i agree that having to constantly manage your food bar really wouldnt be that fun
  17. a new player high count has arised!! 70k now that's awesome
  18. correct ive done testing for that
  19. definitely more lines from rekt for sure
  20. hey just curious guys without using any 3rd party program would there be any way to get a 16k map? i remember in a17 you could generate them but after that you couldnt anymore if anyone knows a way it would be greatly appreciated as i love exploring large maps
  21. to be fair though they have changed how blocks pathing works and im sure before gold releases they will most definitely fix this
  22. another thing id like to say is does anyone else think that the 3rd person view model sort of looks like an mg42 to an extent i know its random but thats what i see with it
  23. interesting model here this must be the low poly version of the new miner guy design or something for a21? also dont mind the joels im just testing some stuff
  24. all i can say is both ways of playing make the game easier and harder in ways for a short example longer days= a longer time to do trader quests which in turn means more dukes and xp from quests but on the other hand the trader inventory would take 2x the amount of time ti would normally take for the traders stock to reset and of course horde nights are very long and if you are a high enough game stage you will be killing for a whole hour straight almost which if you use lots of bullets that can really eat through ammo in total all i have to say is we all play the game how we want easier or harder it doesnt matter as long as you are having fun thats the goal here nothing else i often play on either nomad or warrior with 90 min days then everything else default you seem to be getting really unlucky with your loot damn i could probably recommend cycling through the trader untill one has a crucible because crucibles as a whole cant be found anymore you have to find the schematic get the intellect needed or buy it of course
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